Hotline: (+88) 01633 241 119


Hotline: (+88) 01633 241 119



Air So Clean

৳ 3,999.00

In our air purifying ‘air so clean’ package, we will deliver plants that are proven to purify the air. This package includes the following items for only 3,999/-


  1. 1 Spider plant
  2. 1 Chinese evergreen
  3. 1 Cornstalk Dracaena
  4. 1 Variegated snake plant
  5. 1 Aloe Vera
  6. 1 Golden Pothos
  7. Peace Lily
  8. 7 planters (concrete & clay pot)
  9. One sprayer
  10. Ready-made soil  mix


Note: One or two plants in the package may be changed according to season and availability.

Delivery Charge 200/-

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NASA found that households with certain plants had lower rates of illness and higher levels of satisfaction with their living conditions. One’s ability to concentrate and remember was discovered to be enhanced by proximity to plants that filtered the air. Avoiding fatigue and increasing output are two more benefits. Therefore, not only are these plants aesthetically pleasing, but they also serve an important purpose in the home or workplace.


It’s possible that the shown collection of air purifying plants isn’t representative of the genuine collection. Seven to nine plants are recommended for optimal air purification in a 30-square-meter area.


The plants that clean the air should be kept in a sunny, filtered environment. The potting soil can be kept damp by gradually increasing the amount of water fed to the plants. In over-watering, roots may rot.



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